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  • Top 50 Women CEO/CFO Leadership and Vision Forum, JPMorgan
  • Benefits and Challenges of Independent Directors on your Board, GAIM
  • International Investor Panel, Dubai, UAE, GAIM
Emerging Markets
  • Best Practices for Bank Restructuring, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Investing in Eastern Europe, Columbia University
  • HBS case study First EBRD Bond Offering, NYU, Stern School
Alternative Investments
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, LP Perspectives on the Private Equity Asset Class, LP Summit
  • LP/GP Relationships: Monitoring GPs and Determining Where They Add Value, Super Return Panel
  • Examining the Challenges Faced by Hedge Funds-of-Funds: Disintermediation, Over-Diversification and Competition
  • Recent M&A activity in the Alternatives Industry
  • Seeing through the Looking Glass, the Hedge Fund Market
Risk Mitigation and Governance
  • Performance and Risk Measurement for Hedge Funds, Panel on Portfolio Transparency, Performance Reporting and Disclosure
  • Building an Effective Operational Risk Management Strategy for your Hedge Fund
  • Hedge Fund Incubation and Seeding, Best Practices in Infrastructure Development, Operational Risk Management and Portfolio Oversight
  • Engines for Growth. Registering a Hedge Fund
  • US Department of Commerce Review of the Impact of Hedge Fund Regulation Participant
Industry challenges, questions posed
  • What are the challenges for NIH and academic centers now that the crown jewel, medical research, is being defunded? What is being done on tort reform to discourage defensive medicine? Health Care Reform Panel
  • Can the Yuan or any other currency compete with the US Dollar as a global reserve currency? Fed Reserve Dallas
  • Activism as an asset class; What do you see as the role of shareholder activism in managing your pension fund portfolio? TIAA CREFF


  • Seizing the Opportunity, Managing the Business in the Registration Era
    Managed Futures Association, HedgeWorld December Report 2004
  • Institutional Investors as a Catalyst for Change in the Hedge Fund Industry
    Fall 2003 ABANA Review of the Hedge Fund Industry
  • Global Sourcing, a Strategic Imperative for the Hedge Fund Industry, January 2004, HedgeWorld